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A Few Words Of Encouragement

before i let anyone in on my abuse story, i just want to say how grateful we should all be that we even RECOGNIZE that we were abused. there are many people who take tons of therapy to learn these things about their lives. i had to teach myself through small baby steps how to do simple things, and i also taught myself about what abuse meant. the fact that y'all are in this group at all shows me that you all are STRONG WARRIORS who can CHOOSE to survive.
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you may find the site of help

Do you mind telling the zodiac sign of that ashole who abused you? I really want to know if zodiac signs have anything to do with that.

thank you for saying that. recognition is a big problem i've run into, with myself and others. i wont believe i'm weaker or "broken" because of things that have happened. but i also wont be convinced that "i need it" or "i like it" or "its what my purpose is" ... i've run into so many girls who tell themselves over and over that they like the pain that they need that attention and i don't know whether to feel bad that they cant see through the brainwashing or happy because it will be easier for them to deal with if they do just lie down and accept it.

im so sorry i am just now seeing this! i am not getting all my notifications. i know exactly how you feel, and im sorry :(

While it is sometimes said that some folks shouldn't have children,it should always be remembered that the children of abuse should be here,they have earned it by their scars;they deserve to not only survive but thrive. To deserve is to be owed in justice,to merit,to have won by valorous action..
You are a very passionate person,never luke -warm,half hearted,or weak.
Thank you for this,it ill infuse many with the hope to choose

awww thank you so much, books. so sorry that i am just now seeing this!!

So when do I get in?? Your story of course, nothing inappropriate this time, promise! Is there a continuation somewhere? Hate to hear you went through something like this.

haha trying to decide whether to laugh at what you just said bc it's sad and funny at the same time! thank you so much for caring....yeah, it's continued in 4 parts in my BLOG (not my stories). it's called "i am an orphan". i havent included the part where my mom let my cat die. i will tell you that part later if you are interested.

I'm a child abuse survivor too !
I truly feel for you...huggssssss

aww thank you:) hugs back!

So true, it's hard to believe I am strong sometimes, although I must be, as well as everyone else here as we have survived.

absolutely. take so much rest in that knowledge...we will be just fine xD

thank you for this message.

thank you for thanking me for this message:) if you need to talk, i'm a message away

Simply love it (:

thank you so much:)

I've been abused everyway possible. I'm going to go for counseling again, bec, I'm having trouble doing it by myself. I don't wamt to see myself as a victim, but as a survivor! Anyone who wants to message me, I'll share. God bless

that is what i call myself as well~a survivor. good on you!! we can be more than conquerers.

Damn...I didnt know. We all make choices, sometines it's difficult to make the right choice. Do you belong to any support groups? I ask because one thing that I know about me is that I cant do it by myself....and by "it" I mean just about everything

lol you can do a lot by yourself, silly. thank you for a strange way, it was a blessing that showed me my own fortitude. there are residual effects, but i am trying to get over for support groups..not in "real life", but i talk about it quite really helps to talk to people on here:)

That's true! It took me until my mid thirties before I even started to suspect I had repressed memories from my childhood, don't know what made me think that. And then I suspected I'd had sexual abuse as there were so many clues, but I thought at first it must have been when I was too young to remember. And completely seperately I realised my mother didn't love me and never really had, and that she was harmful in my life. It was only after I finally cut her off and I was now forty that I put together the jigsaw puzzle pieces then started getting body memories, and even then had to fight feelings I might be going psychotic (didn't help that my family wouldn't believe me either).

i'm so sorry:( i hope you are starting to feel a little better? life can act so much like death....

Thanks. I have a way to go, from what I read of other peoples' recoveries, but I'm happy to be getting so much more validation now.

yes that is what happen to me . my mother didn't care for me i was the wall paper and in my 30's i began to realizes what had happen to me. i woke up in the middle of the night and knew.

I'm sorry, it's hard feeling invisible in your family

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I agree. After you get over the intial fear of sharing your deepest secrets, the hard parts that make up your story, there is a state of peacefulness. Many of these things we hold in and dont talk about.

i'm so glad you have come through to the other side too:)

You are a brave soul for sure! The fact that you give a positive outlook on abuse signifies your acceptance of what was done to you and how you turned the events in your favor for the better :)

you are basically the sweetest guy that has ever walked the earth besides Jesus...

That's the greatest compliment I've ever received...thank you so much :)

i mean it:) you're very welcome:)

a courageous statement ... well said!

thank you so much! God bless you:)