They say the truth will set you free. Why is it that so many people don’t want to here the truth or deal with the truth? I think part of it is that people feel guilty. If what you are saying is the truth they stood by & did nothing. They think that they are better than that. They want to believe that they are the kind of person that would do the right thing. They think the person you are talking about is better than that. They don’t want to admit that they could know someone like that. They are afraid someone will find out & think they might be like that too. They have trouble believing that a monster is hiding in their own family (or right in front of them). If a monster is in their family what’s out in the world? If a monster can get that close to them and fool them, how many others have they known? How can they be so blind? How did they not notice?

Now all the little things that have been gnawing at the back of their minds are starting to fall into place. Things that didn’t make sense at the time start to make sense. They now have two choices accept it & deal with it or continue to live in denial about it. Unfortunately I have found that most people are too weak to deal with the truth of the situation. Denial is just so much easier. Slap a big smile on your face & move on. Don’t admit that anything is wrong, just go along with it, don’t rock the boat. Keep up appearances that’s the most important thing. Don’t tell, don’t let anyone find out. Whatever you do don’t exclude the monster from anything.

Just get along it’s the christen thing to do. I find this to be the biggest lie people tell. Nowhere in the bible does it tell you to be stupid. It angers me when people hide behind the bible or god & use religion as an excuse for their stupidly or to justify putting up with something that is wrong. There are things that should anger you. That anger is there to move you to action. You are to do something. At the very least you shouldn’t invite the monster to family functions. You believe me or you don’t, you can’t have it both ways. Do people make mistakes? Yes, can they be forgiven? Yes, but your actions have consequences (even in the bible). If you know where the devil is you should avoid him at all costs, not invite him in for dinner & pretend he is a saint.

But that’s just what I think. What do I know? I’m just the person speaking the truth. Go back to eating your pie. No pie for me, I see it for what it is. It’s a cow pie but someone put whip cream on top. I guess that’s supposed to hide what it is. Does whip cream make it easier to swallow? Everyone else is eating it, lapping it up, and licking the plate clean. Afterword’s they will complain, about the funny taste. Wasn’t very good, they say but you had to eat your piece, everyone did. It was the right thing to do. Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Shame on you; you didn’t have any pie. No I guess not; the truth will set me free & I guess the rest will eat pie & talk about how rude I am. There are none so blind as he that will not see. I take the truth over a lie any day, but that’s just me. The rest of you go back to eating your pie.
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Unfortuanetl its true. After my sister ws molested by her bes friend's dad, the only person she told was me, because she knew i WOULD BELIEVE HER. Not my mom, not her friend, not a teacher, etc... Me. I managed to convince her she had to stand up and press charges and I would support her any way I could. Well, turns out there was 4 other girls this had happened to as well. But when it came time to go to court- all but my sister (and one other girl) backed down and dropped charges because they had to say out loud in front of people what happened, and this was a respected community member. The wife actually had the nerve to show up on my moms doorstep drunk, and begged my mom to have my sister drop the charges! She was actually trying to get my mom to understand- saying he will lose his place on the homeowners board, and his high paying job might find out, and people in the neighborhood will know and its embarassing. The nerve of that woman, and how she could be with him after knowing he did this to several young girls quite possibly his own daughter. My sisters friend says it was never talked about, they acted as if it never happened, and went about life even thou her father was now a registered sex offender. People just dont like to talk about this kind of thing, and pretending it hasnt happened is easier than facing it, dealing with it, admitting to oneself that they married a monster, or that they might have to pay all the bills alone if they leave him. That ***** had seconds on the pie!

I'm sorry that happened to your sister. It's a shame that a lot of people will defend the perpetrator & ostracize the victim.

In my opinion being a Christian that I am I know for a fact no true Christian would do such a thing as not believing you and making you endure the pain of being around that person in fact where I'm from Christians believe if justice is served it is served but if not we never worry because the wrath of God is far more punishable than any worldly punishment such as jail time or a few years prison time. I'm sorry that your around such UN godly people that claim such a thing as being Christ like when they are far from it. I know how that feels being around family and family friends saying no your father is not that KIND of person. "REALLY?? If that's true then why did he not only abuse my sister but me as well? His own daughter?"(well at least that's what I said in my head, I was only 5 years old) <br />
I hope you have someone who does believe you or if you know someone "outside"the family you can trust it would be good to talk to them about it and get yourself out of that situation. If you need to talk or have any questions please message me or reply. God bless you and I hope you know your not alone :)

thank you for your kind words. I'm not alone. I just get irritated sometimes about the way the rest of my family acts. They live in denial &amp; get mad when i won't go alone with them.

I'm glad to hear your not alone. In my honest opinion I know how much it must bother you when they treat you like that but just forget about them they're weak and yes very much in denial the fact that you stand your ground makes you strong and you don't need to get upset over their actions and reactions. They are living in a fantasy world full of lies and deception. I stay away from people like that. In fact I never spoke to them in 15 years.