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Im 13 bout to be 14 in 6months ive been abused all my life . it all started when i was about. 5 i have a speech problem and my parents noticed and staryed treating me like crap at 6 i was left alone and ansewed the phone i saod hello but it sounded like i said hey hoe it was my mom on the phone and when she got home she let me take a shower but before i could dry off she got a leather belt and beat me i still have marks my mom was sent to anger mangerment when i got 10 she stoped hiting me and just would ingore me and say im a worth less piece of **** and that i will never get anywhere in life with my speech disorder this would get worst and worst i called the police and they didnt do anything cuz theres no proof and they asked all my sisters and brothers if it happend to them they said no cause it only happend to me. A little while ago my dad came home drunk and beat me with t wo leather belts i was home alone i ran he caught me and threw me into a wall now my aunt is visting and is doing the same i finally got the balls to start hiting my aunt bacj but it just gets worst everytime im planing my life once im 15 im moving to virigina with my cuzin then once i graduate im going to a university for fashion
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Contact the Department of Human ervices Child protective services and tell them your story. Tell a teacher or school counsellor. Refuse to go home from school. Hell, if all that fails throw a brick thru a window..get arrested and then tell your lawyer that the state will provide for you your story and why you did what you did.If you live in California, contact the attorney Paul Mones by phone or email. You keep telling and telling and telling until someone actually listens,

Good luck I hope you get the help you need and deserve :)

Dear unremembered,<br />
Please have the strength to always remember your parents' misgivings are not your fault. I admire your courage to talk about this. <br />
I hope that you can manage to escape this situation, and learn to accept that you deserve better. I wish you all the best for your studies, it must surely be truly beneficial to focus on creating something beautiful, empowering yourself, and becoming stronger. <br />
What does not kill you makes you stronger, so they say. I hope that you may one day accept and understand any anger or pain you may feel, and to let it go. The beauty of life is that you may evolve to become stronger, wiser and better than where you have come from, and to make the world a better place.<br />
Kind regards x

p.s. Use that anger to find the courage and prove them wrong. You are not worthless. Be the best that you can be at what you want to do, and be proud of yourself. When you know deep down that you are striving to be true to yourself, what other people may say does not matter!!