Helping My Uncle

Larry Atwell is my Uncle. I'm trying to raise money to help him. He is a deacon in his church, he is a manager of Holly Lake Condo Association in New Jersey, and would do anything for anyone. He is more than just my Uncle, he is my friend. He was accused of murdering a one year old baby. He was babysitting the child when it collapsed in seizures. He called for the medics. When they arrived, he was performing CPR. He sat in the hospital for 13 hours with the baby. The child unfortunately died 3 days later. My Uncle is now in jail, awaiting his trial. There is suffiecient evidence to prove he is innocent. I am trying to raise money for his bail and also for his court and attorney fees. It's hard to raise money without help. My family and many others support him. Please help me help my Uncle. The media has twisted this story for sick entertainment. They've made him out to be a monster when in reality, he wouldn't harm anyone. I love him very much. He deserves much more than he is being given. Every dollar counts and helps. Thank You.
freelarryatwell freelarryatwell
Jul 24, 2012