Rude Awakening

It was soooo peaceful... I was having the best dream of my life: I became famous overnight! All my enemies were all pissed off! That's when I heard my name screamed at the top of my parents lungs! They ran to my room and mother jumped on me and beat me senseless! She sat on me while she beat me!!! And kept on laughing and taunting at me too! Kept telling me how I'm a bad child who doesn't do anything right! 1st of all ur never home with me cuz of ur job! 2nd of all you tell my I hav and F in all my classes? (which I dnt) well u hav an F in parenting! All this cuz I didnt wake up 4 church at 6am! No1 called me!!! And I'm to old for beatings! I wod rlly like some1 to tak 2 about this...
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

That is awful! I hated when my Aunt would do those things to me. It would be 4 in the morning and I would wake up to her sitting on me beating the crap out of me for the dumbest reasons. Usually because my uncle would not pay any attention to her so she blamed me. I understand how you feel and would love to talk to help you in any way I can.

Thank u ^^

any time :)