I Was Full Of Emotions The Entire Book And Couldn't Put It Down.

I'm a new member here. So far, so good! I ran into this site after reading a book on Amazon
called, GOD, I Do Exist (by: Gigi Vega). The book caught my eye while browsing, when I read she was born and raised in Chicago...so was I. However it doesn't matter where you grew up this book might just home hit for you or someone you know. Please pass it on. I loved it.
NiyaDS20 NiyaDS20
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

Thank you! The book is so uplifting. I did read God I Do Exist by Gigi Vega. She (the Author) is extremely brave and I'm truly happy that she turned out to be a wonderful human being and a great mother to her own kids. After all she went through, it all could have taken a Wrong Turn in life. My guess is she is like 40-something today in 2012. Congratulations on your book Ms.Vega!