My Mother Abused Me.

My story started back in 1981 when I was 12 y/o. Before I start let me give you some back ground info on my family. It was just me, my sister who was just 2 yrs older than me, and my mother who was 30 yrs old at the time. My father left us when I was 2 yrs old so I never knew him. We have never heard from him. One day when me and my sister came home from school our mother told us there was going to be new rules in the house. Reason being money was tight so she was cutting money out of the household budget. One area was cothing. She told me that when I got home I had to go around naked. This she proclaimed would save in having to buy more clothes and cost of doing laundry. It only applied to me because males have less to hide than females. Also that ladies do not show off thier goods and males were dogs. I was astonished by this. I told her that this was not fair. I knew I was starting puberty and I was getting frequent erections. I knew I would be embarrassed by that fact. But she insisted anyways. I asked if I wanted to go outside and play. She told me to go outside in the back yard and play. It was fenced in also we lived in the country our nearest nieghbor was 10 miles away. Then she told me it all starts now. Get your clothes off now. I did as she told me as the tears fell from my eyes. When I handed my mother my clothes I ran to my bedroom in shame hiding my naked body. Later on my mother came into my room. She told me supper was ready. There was nothing wrong with being naked and go to the dining room and eat. I told her I was not hungry. Fine she said you can starve then. She yelled out to my sister to come into my room. When my sister came in. She told me to stand up. We are going to make your brother feel more comfortable with his body. She told my sister look at my penis. I was so shocked. My sister looked and said it looked fine to her and not to worry. That is how it all began.
This story will continue. (My thearapist told me to share my story as a way to come to terms)

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I'm so sorry this happened to you.