A Poem I Wrote

little girl in the bed
crying for someone
To come hold her
and love her
and not smell of rum

Little girl in the corner
crying for someone to love her
mom sends the men t
o snuggle and rub her

Little girl on the floor
crying cuz someone came
all bloody and sore no one to love her,
no one to care

Little girl by the door
Here comes another
no end in sight
No help from her mother

Little girl on the playground
having fun with her friend
no mention of hell nights
the rules only bend

Little girl is all grown
She survived and endured
still feels alone
but is now not unheard
myboringlife myboringlife
36-40, F
4 Responses Sep 24, 2012

I cry as I read this as it must of been more horrible than I can even imagine.
My bf went through the same thing and the nightmares still come and I wish there was something I can do to take it all away, all the memouries. I feel helpless as I see her pain some days. So raw, you wrote from you heart.
I wish only lifes best for you now and always dear soul.
Be kind to yourself as nothing was your fault and there was nothing you could of done.
You deserve love and kindness and I sincerely trust you find it in your life.

Wow, that's beautiful and raw. I am so incredibly blessed to have grown up in a loving household. Lately I was listening to "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed and it made me want to throw up. Listening to the song can make me miserable for a week just because it makes me think about the fact that some people have suffered so much and I don't know how to accept that (yeah, I know, good friggin luck). Hence me being on this forum while not being an abuse survivor... I try to find a way to come to terms while being realistic. I'm sure you know this but you are not alone. There are people here I assume who can more or less relate to you, and there are people who love you because you are a human being with feelings and thoughts and experiences and that, by extension, makes you a miracle (wow that's sappy... please know that I'm not religious, just whacky and spiritual).


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