Anger Issue.

Being a part of this group is something I’m not ashamed of. But the biggest thing I am ashamed of is my anger. I didn’t realize it until now that having suppressed anger is very harmful and with that said; it’s only 22 years of anger bottled up. I always suppressed my anger because I believed I was bad even though I did nothing wrong to begin with. My brother wasn’t the target unlike myself but he openly expressed his anger at that given moment. I now see why he can live in the present but more importantly he’s moved on from it. My anger that I guess I’m choosing to face would tell be to buy a gun and put my dad out of his misery. But of course I won’t do that.

Anger is a foreign emotion to me. It’s something I chose not to develop or allow. I did it because it because I thought it would keep the beatings at bay. Sadly not true. I’m always stuck in the past or even a future I see for myself but obviously unreachable. I’ve concluded that I need to face my anger and allow it to flow through me in a constructive way but I have no idea how or where to start.

How do you guys deal with anger?

What are some good ways to get it out and accept it?
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I have the same issue as you, I forced myself to not get angry, in fact it's difficult to feel anger towards others. But then I ended up having all that anger forced inward towards myself, now I'm learning to get angry and I don't know how to deal with it. so far talking with people can help. venting and writing about my feelings.

Not a guy but still have to manage suppressed childhood anger. punch a pillow. Run in place as fast as you can. Go to a gym. I throw bricks up a hill and scream when things are far to much for me- hurts no one and makes me exhausted and gets that anger out.