My Story Does Not Define Who I Am....

I was sexually physically and mentally abused starting at 6 months old by my own father. I do have trust issues because of it and some norm side effects from being subjected to such abuse. I survived it was hard as a teenager i didnt really understand i knew what my dad had did was wrong but i wasnt allowed to see him talk to him or have any kind of contact. I was confused by my body cause it matured early because of all the abuse. I was beyond confused but i now am a productive member of society yea i get depressed sometimes but i get threw it. I work everything out and pick myself up and move on. I dont let it define me i dont use it for excuses. I am me for a reason this is how i like me. It taught me alot and i know God doesnt give you anything you cant handle. Yea my situation was messed up but it made me stronger and made who i am. If i had everythign handed to me in life well i wouldnt know how to work for it. If i had an easy life i wouldnt know what it was like to have a hard life and would take it all for granted so im ok. It took time but im ok and always wil be ok :)
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You are very inspiring. Thanks

Thank you....but i am just me.. it took alot of counciling to realize and look at the world the way i do :)

darn.. im three years in and bot close yet. But hey you got there :D

i've learned the hard way its how you think.. If you think ur gonna have a bad day because of one lil thing ur gonna have a bad day. If something bad happens and u say im not gonna let this ruin my day and stick to it it works its all in ur head is a bad phrase but its kinda true... you create your own happiness :)