I want to heal and leave all the pain away I'm a woman a motherjust trying to cope I started getting sexualley abused bye my step farthers at age of 1 to 6 and physcial beaten mom was a drug addict dad left then I went to foster care got beaten bye new mother my hole. Live then got married raped and beaten bye husband lost my daughters to his mother faught her and state what is truly child protection cuz arizona hurts people and let's molisters keep there kids I hurt I have ptsd bad dreams depressed angry non trusting scared of everyone and every thing just trying to live. My life as best as I can would love to write a novel one day about it it hurts sometimes ptsd anxiety makes life un imagineable but I keep. Going sometimes I just fell so lost and hopeless I just want it to be over
brokenangel7286 brokenangel7286
26-30, F
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