A Reject The Unloved

Do u ever wonder wh y. Me what did I do to deserve the felling of no love comfort or joy I used to t hink haveing sex was love becazuse 4 of my step farthers molisted me touched me beat me and threatened to kill me veryday. And my foster mother teased me beat me h it me. Punched me and called me a worthless piece of **** I was nervous I tried to kill myself at age 12 bye oding allmost suceeded but didn't I don't want to die now but I do want peace sometimes I fell like I must be sick twisted or satan wh y else me and I still fell twisted and naked inside like everyone can see my ***** and pain
brokenangel7286 brokenangel7286
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

That's really sad. I'm sorry for you.
But i'll guess you'realright now...if you're not, i hope you'll be

i no exactly how you feel i am here for you. <3