because of this man i have suffered all my life with acute post traumatic stress symptoms. the detective that interviewed him at the flemington station late last year, personally handed Leif Hansen a letter I wrote him via the police station only a few short days ago. i am pleased that leif has my letter. we shall see if he confesses but i wont hold my breath. either way, im bigger than 5 and while he is still standing and i am still standing i will continue to be a thorn in his side. so help me and spread the word of this evil sewer rat. spread the word and make sure he is not near any little kids. if you live in victoria in these areas, or know anyone that does, let them know that the little kids are not safe while he is still alive. thankyou. between flemington and moonee ponds areas. aprox. victoria. spread the word folks.
wigglepot wigglepot
41-45, F
Jan 7, 2013