Beat Up Viciously For Entertainment

My dad gets super violent when hes drinking and *anything* can set him off.  When I was 14 one night him and his drinking buddies were watching TV after i went to bed, and i heard him snap (screaming my name about the missing TV remote). He stormed up stairs, grabbed my hair and dragged me right out of bed, and dragged me down the stairs kicking and screaming. i only had bra & panties on.

his buddies didn't try to stop him. instead they got all excited and started cheering and encouraging it. their cheering was so loud it woke up my little brother (who my dad treats like gold) and he watched from the top of the stairs. that's when the beating really started.

after a minute of being dragged around the room screaming i got held up and took some punches to the face and then dropped to the floor. then some absolutely vicious kicks to the abdomen and then to my back. im sure my body was shaking pretty badly on the floor but i remember his buddies yelling for it not to stop. i got dragged around some more and then thrown into things like the couch and finally the wall. my brother said i went completely unconscious after being thrown into the wall a few times. he said my body even shook for a while afterwards, so i was deposited next to the TV for something to look at.

I don't know much else because I wasn't awake at that point. My brother said they were yelling insults at my body while it was unconscious and shaking but he doesnt remember what they are. just lots of swear words. i didnt wake up until much later the next day.

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You are a good girl.
You deserve Good things.
It's not your fault.
Big people did bad things to you.

I too was brutally beaten as a child in methods of ritualistic torture for hours on end. It is soooo difficult to break from the past when our brain and our body are so intimately connected. The post traumatic stress that has been created by someone else is now ours to repair and it is completely physiological, meaning that the neurotransmitters in our brain are connected differently due to the abuse than with a child who was loved and cared for, which causes survivors to respond differently in normal everyday situations.

The good news is that you CAN change the connections of the neurotransmitters in your brain with help from someone who understands how to change those physical connections.

The best counsellor I have ever found who can explain to you how to do this, after searching for 10 years with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and counsellors is EMMAUS CARES.

I care for you even though I don't know you. I will send positive thoughts to you even though we have never met. I feel for you without meeting you. The universe is truly connected and if we tune in we can become whole again.

You will find, peace, comfort and security once again. Like the old adage says "Seek and yee shall find."

Wow that is really ****** up. You are an incredibly strong person to have survived that. I hope you dont have to endure that kind if thing anymore. *hugs*

Thx very much! I dont live there any more.

That is wonderful to hear. : )