Be Careful

I can not pin-point when I took notice to what I'm about to share. I always took in on my servings for dinner. The pile of food on a plate big enough to feed an extra two people. Forced to sit there and eat every bite until I could leave the table. I wasn't a picky eater. The only food I detested was spinach; it sent off a gag reflex.
Now I know you may think this isn't a big deal, at least I was feed. What you need to know is about the tricks developed in my step mothers maddness. I soon became aware of objects found in the lump of pilled food. Maybe she hoped I would choke on that banana stem. Maybe she wanted me to cut my throat on that aluminum foil. I don't know what she hoped to gain from this..
I didn't understand why she would put objects in my food. I examined every plate, every fork or spoon full..eventually her trick stopped after her attempts failed her...but the thought never left my mind. What if she would try again thinking I may have forgot..its pretty pathetic to have to do that to someone.
halfdead25 halfdead25
26-30, F
Jan 8, 2013