Just Found Out In 2012 That I Was Abused

Lst yr i went to get my birth certificate because i was adopted when i was 8 i am now 43,and i never had my birth certificate .My adopted mum disclosed to me jst last year that i had been hit on the head with a glass milk bottle by my bialogical mother and caused me to have a fractured skull and i suffered a stroke when this had happened i was jst 8mths old i also suffered a brain hemorrhage at 34yrs which most likely happened from the fractured skull injury i was lucky to recover competely.I then got some social work papers which said about the head trauma that i suffered and that one of my brothers had bruising on his body around tthe same time.I went to my gp last year to go through my medical notes and theres other injuries that happened to me broken leg,other head traumas i was also in the hospital a couple of times with ecoli.Its so difficult to take this info in so late in life i wasnt aware of any of the abuse at all i jst thought that my bialogical mother couldnt manage financialy to support us so she put us into care.The people that ran the care home for the first year were cruel to us they strapped us to our beds wouldnt let us watch tv dont know what else but may find out later on.I dont get on with my adopted mother she is not supportive at all.I am going to see a psychologist in a couple of weeks and i am going to victim support cant jst sit and let this turn my life upside down although its so difficult and will take along time been through alot of serious problems and manage to work through them but this time i jst need to take time and get the correct help and support to see me through.madonnafan
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I hope everything works out for u, im sorry to hear about your earlier life as a child, that should never happen to a child, just some people are unhealthy :(
Your doing great by sharing your story! Talk to people u trust, find your balance, we cant change what happened in the past, maybe u finding out at a mature age was better then u never have forgotten, u can better process it now then in your childhood, u probably wouldn't b the person u are today!
Maybe your mom isn't the most supportive, but she took u in and gave u love that u probably wouldn't have gotten from ur biological mom, and love is priceless.<3

Iveu90 thank you for our reply,and yeah i agree to some degree i am older and wiser but can you jst imaging jst thinking everything was jst a way of life i.e money worries and being took away from your natural siblings and never having any contact again with them.And then when you are a bit older think i do want to maybe get something from my past and find out things that you had no idea at all as to what had actually had happened to you and yeah my mum did take me in and love them for that,i have said that i need jst a bit of support from them right now jst for a bit to get through this ,and i cant get that from her which is sad she said that every child when they are grown up will pull at your strings well i would want my kids to come to me a rely on me more than anything.Any way its a long story obviously.madonnafan