I already posted this somewhere else but I thought I would post it again.. So here goes.. When I was younger I can't remember the age but my father abused me. Not sexually, but physically. Not with his hands, but blocks of wood. He would hit me repeatedly with thick pieces of wood whenever I did something wrong. And I was young I still hadn't know right from wrong yet. But he still beat me. I still have flashbacks to this day. Me spilling something on accident and him grabbing my hand leading me out to the garage and hitting me while I cried out. Why? I ask myself every single day. He stopped when I got older I'd say about age 10. Sometimes I wish he still abused me so I could have reported him. You wanna know the worst part? My mom knew what he did to me. She was there and did nothing. She didnt help me. She didnt save me. And you want to know what's even worse? She didn't divorce him or anything. He still lives down the hall from me. How would you feel if your abuser lived a few doors down? I was so young. Why did I deserve it?
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Same thing happened to me...:'(
except im from an indian family...where they think its normal and all a joke. They all just laugh. My father used to hit me with just about anything...and sticks he hit me with would all break because he hit me that hard. My mother was completely absent.
I get nightmares stll...
My father fills me with fear...and like you said i had not control whatsoever, i was a kid.
i was traumatised. My therapist says the reason i dropped out of school was because of the abuse...
Hope you get healing...

O.O im sooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry........

Report abuse any time whether it happened yesterday or years ago.
Abuse is terrorism an we want no part of this on this planet.
Check in with your guidence councel at school and give them the truth of the story.
If you are not functioning like a normal human being and having a hard time in life because of this physical abuse then you should report it.
The best place to start is your local police dept.
Be sure in what you say because your family, friends and school will be involved for investigation and will be questioned.
Just be sure, take care...hug's

It's too late to report it

If you check the news abuse from years ago with a couple of hockey players brought something up thar happened a dozen years ago and the courts noticed it.
Also many others have come forward after many years.
You must not live in North America, UK or Australia
I don't know about Governing laws in other countries
I am a Minister and work in abuse.
I know people as of late that have reported abuse that happened to them years ago.
Just google abuse on your computer it will give you the truth.
This is a serious matter and if you live in any of these countries you have all the time in the world.

I live in California and I feel like its too late because I have no proof and its just been so many years

Do you want help or just want to talk about this very serious subject matter.
You have to make it clear.
The Caifornia Government has 58 counties and all the numbers of help are there for you.
I am quite concerned and this being a matter which is very serious as I stated before.
My local RCMP detachment says that it should be reported, so did Crime Stoppers and they are affilliated in California.
Proof is your word against anothers and if you come forward you have the upper hand.
I am going to speak to a group of social workers tommorw, I will question on your subject matter.

No it's okay I don't need all that, I guess I just want to talk about it. I don't want to get anyone in trouble. I'm fine thank you anyways. Xx

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