I'm Only Human

Although its only been months, my bones feel the years. Coffee is no longer strong enough to keep me standing and I'm shaking ever so slightly with a cigarette pressed between chapped lips. Inhale, exhale. 35 pounds have passed from my frame and I'm continuing the descent.I am no longer hungry, but I thirst. Oh God, do I thirst.
Years from now, when I look back upon my life, I will take a solitary moment of silence for you and then curse your name under my breath. You were possibly the best and the worst thing to ever happen to me. My eyes have seen centuries in your smile.My skin has felt years of pain in your memory. One day, when the sun is shining and I have found happiness, I'll find the time to thank you. But for now, I'm satisfied with destroying everything beautiful that reminds me of you.
But where do I go after the wash, rinse, repeat?And that's the question that haunts me the most.
Just1n Just1n
22-25, M
Jan 16, 2013