Abused Since 8 Months

My family is Afghani. We middle easterns like to abuse well parents do. Today my mom with her huge fat man hands bigger than my dads pushed me to the ground pulled my hair and slapped hard on the back eight times. As I right this I'm crying. She left red marks on my back. She knows I have a back problem yet she still hits me. I hate her. She may of have birth to me but that monster/beast in my mother. I wanna call the police. I don't have the nerve to do so. I wanna curse at her alot. I wanna abuse her as many times she's has abused me. I have a little 3 yr old sister. I remember when she was 8 months when she would go to sleep she would hit her. I wanna leave. I want her to leave. As I read other people's story's I'm crying too. I'm depressed. Everyday I come back from school I cry. I'm depressed.i am.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Call child protective services? What's stopping you...