Child-on-child Sexual Abuse??

At the age of 44, I found myself in therapy dealing with various issues (depression, abandonent, low self esteem). After about 5 months of therapy I finally decided to disclose a series of incidents where my best and only (I really had no others outside of school) engaged in a kind of "sexual play". We were both 8 year old boys when this started. He would devise games where we ultimately ended up without clothes. He would try to penetrate me anally and have me do the same to him(I couldn't say no to this-- I thought it was just a game) There were a series of these "sleepovers" where this would occur over the course until about age 11.

My therapist has been quite clear that this is abuse and not just normal sexual exploration for kids of this age. I'm just new to the application of the term sexual abuse to this and am looking for others with this experience.

Regardless of what you call it, there were some effects from these events. i did start showing signs of abuse (withdrawing, insomnia, shame over the events, etc). Long term I have gone through bouts of depression as I mentioned. Maybe I answered my own question, but I guess I'm looking for any other insight/opinions the rest of you might have on this. Is this really abuse? I still can't bring myself to say it out loud and can't put it in the same class as someone who was abused by an adult as a child over the course of many years. Heck, I had a hard time forcing myself to join this group, but gave in just so I can kick this around a bit.
CoRex CoRex
Jan 23, 2013