My Parents ARE The Reason My Relationship Went Bad

When my ex boyfriend and I started dating, we constantly had to keep it a secret. We had to because of my parents. They were so against the relationship. He was 21, I was 18. They thought he was too old for me and because he was not of my culture (he's hispanic and I'm guyanese) it was even more of a problem. So we saw each other secretly. This continued for about two years. I did not know that during this time, my boyfriends love was dwindling. The flame he had for me, it was slowly being drowned by our secretive ways and the pressure of my family. We couldn't be normal. We couldn't enjoy each other and truly be together.

The end of last year, I spoke to my parents about our relationship. They allowed us to see each other but it was only for a short amount of time every week. Because of this, they were still able to keep in control of my life and our relationship.

Because this happened, my boyfriend couldn't take it, the flame he had got thrashed down to just a spark. He still loves me and cares me for me very much, but because of my parents, because of all the pressure, he needs to re think if he really want this relationship.

I do have a plan to leave my household and better my life away from my parents. And I feel bad sometimes because at the end of the day, they are my parents. But I am so conditioned to allowing them to rule my life that I am just so terrified to try and defy them. I just need some help, and some insight as to how to go about this. I'm tired of them taking away all the good things I've ever had. It breaks my heart too because I don't want anyone to get hurt. But it looks as though that can't happen because I don't want to be the one continuing to be hurt. :(
dinosaursockpuppet dinosaursockpuppet
22-25, F
Jan 31, 2013