But The Tall Policeman Didn'T Listnen

It was in May.. Still too cold for the public swimming pool to be opened..We lived in Vernayaz, a very small village, close to a town called Martigny, where the public pool was...
I was with my friend Sandra who was 7 or 8 like me. It was after lunch, we were walking my dog near an electricity factory near the forest.
A orange car came and stopped near us and the man asked us the name of my dog and whose dog it was. I said it was mine. Then he drove away.
A bit later, Sandra and I were near my house saying it was hot and we could go to the pool. We went to ask my dad if he could drive us there. He said the pool was shut. We didn't believe him so we decided to walk to Martigny.
We were walking for 4 minutes, and the orange car came along and stopped near us. The same man put the passenger window down and asked us where we were going. My friend, who was "my boss" and bullied me a lot, answered to him. So he said he would drive us to the pool and opened the passenger door.. Something unusual happened. Sandra told me to get in the front seat..
Now all the kids want to sit at the front as it's special..., and Sandra would have never in a million years let me sit in the best spot unless she knew she wasn't going to get in... I obeyed to her and sat at the front. Then she shut the door and stood there.. she didn't get in the back seat.. He drove off.
He took me on the side of a big river called Rhone. It's a river we can swim in as the current is too strong...
He stopped the car and turned towards me. He put down my seat. I was really surprised and started to get scared. He kissed my mouth with his tongue inside my mouth, I couldn't breathe and it seemed to last for a long time. He had a moustache, that's why still now I think moustaches are repulsive. Then he pulled up my Tshirt and touched my flat chest and kissed it. He put my shorts down and molested me, putting his finger inside me and kissing me again. I started crying. He put the seat up and told me that if I kept crying he would leave me here, next to that scary river..
I stopped crying. He asked me if I wanted a chewing gum. It was called Hollywood Chewing Gum, dark green wrapper and silver writing. I said no as my mum had told me not to accept lollies from strangers, I wished she had told me not to accept lifts from strangers...
While he was driving away from the river I thought he was taking me to his house and I would never see my parents and three sisters again. I still can see it in my mind what I imagined at that moment:..Him driving into his driveway and I could see his two storey house with his wife and kids standing on the first floor balconey.. His wife had long straight dark hair with a long light blue dress, next to her was his daughter about 10 years old. She had dark hair too with platts. And next to her was her little brother just a bit younger than me. I knew that for the rest of my life, I would have to live with them...
I got out of my thoughts when the guy stopped the car and told me to get out.So I did and walked back to Sandra's house. She was there. She didn't say anything. I went to the toilets and had some spots of blood in my undies... I was scared and embarassed when I got out of the toilets.. Then Sandra and I went outside. I never told her anything and she never asked,,
I think it was set up from her parents as I know they were selling her to my dad.. I have never felt angry towards that man.. I just feel sad that I wasn't certainly the only one
Sandra and I stayed at the front of her house and saw a policeman right there at the traffic lights. We stood next to him, and I told him that a man took me in his car, and at the same time the orange car drove passed in front of us, and I exclaimed:"That's him !"
But the tall policeman didn't listen.. I was just a small little girl...
I had the same orange car as a toy that I got for Christmas; ironically it was my favourite....
That was 1977..
Thank you for listening to me...
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Cops can be big disappointments. Maybe it was an earlier generation of a-hole cops. I have told lots of stories where cops screwed me over. I think everyone should have the right to carry a gun, just like us in the U.S.

Thank you... But in that story it was just the fact that an adult didn't listen to a child...
Guns can kill...people get angry and could use a gun and kill someone too easily... I would be even to scared to hold a real gun... But I respect your opinion...

I understand. I've had such a violent past that I try to be mice, but experience tells me to always be prepared for a fight.

I am sorry... I suppose when you have lived in a dangerous environment then it's understandable you feel this way... Look after yourself please...

very cool,brave i like that

Thank you.

Viv, you are so brave to tell this.

Thank you..

I'm so sorry, as soon as I started reading I knew I'd read it before. Just slipped my mind, I feel terrible. My blessed memory. :-( But I'm glad I read it again, just to remind me of the horrible ordeal you went through. You poor Darling. Hugs.

Thank you... Don't feel terrible... It's better if you forget about it again...doesn't do any good to anyone to think of bad things... I will be ok... :) I could write a couple of more stories about being sexually abused as a child but I will leave it for now...
All will be good.. Thank you..and be happy! :) hugs..

Thank you Viv. You're a beautiful soul. :-) xoxo

:) thank too.. :)

To know that one has dealt with something like really gives one insight on just how lost human kind is...I'm glad you survived. Scary as it may have been...

Now I have read your story I wish I had a recipe for rewriting the past... it would be my pleasure to cook it with the care of a Michelin Stared Chef.

:) thank you... I am sure it would turn out perfect!

There are striking features of this story that hint at conspiracy. Your friend Sandra's insistence on you going with this stranger while she herself abstained begs the question. You were lucky to survive this. What a horrible ordeal to experience as a child.

Yes.. I believe it was a set up.. Thank you for caring..

Is it a type O...or real... when you said you thought it was a set up as your friends parents were selling her to your Dad? can you tell me more?

Sorry....Type O means did you make a Typing Error...

When you wrote... You thought it was a Set Up.. As your friends parents were Selling her to your Dad? .... can you tell me more?

What do you mean a type O?

How dreadful. So sorry to hear that you had been put through such a traumatic event :(

Thank you for having read it... I will be all good one day...

Youre plenty good Viv plenty good

its good you found the strength to get it out. i dont think i ever will. hope it helped you and made you stronger :) take care

Thank you...

I am very sorry :(

I was wondering. Did you stay in touch with Sandra? If so, has it ever come up. Does she realize now what she has done?

I am not surprised this has stayed with you in such detail. Does it seem like it happened to 'another' person now?

Yes.. It's like it happened to someone else..

Although there is a statue of limitations in europe of 15 years on child abuse, it is still worth seeing a lawyer on this, assuming the attacker is still alive

I don't live in Europe anymore.. And before and after that day, I never saw that man again... I would have no way of finding him..

you know his name..the address he lived at, at that least you'd get some closure and that b****** would get his comeuppance........

No, I don't know any of that.. He was a complete stranger..

oh I see..I'm sorry I misunderstood.............I thought your friend knew him....

No... I think her parents did, well that's what I believe, but she would be married now so I can't find her...
Thank you..

I suppose the flip side of that is if you did try hunting him would reopen old wounds and many people get obsessed by seeking revenge, therefore letting the past ruin their future..the best revenge is to have a good life..and hope someone shot his balls off...assuming they could find any...

I forgave him... I was never angry at him for what he did to me.. I would never seek revenge or wish him harm.. But I hope he got caught so he wouldn't hurt other children..

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I hope that he will rot in hell for that! I had luck when I was a child but got molested when I was a teen.

Same here... I am sorry.. Look after yourself..

"selling her " ?

Lets say "exchange for money"

Sorry you went through that. I briefly dated a man who I later on found out was taking pictures of young girls that lived in my area>:{

that would have been a shock! I hope you were able to report him...
Thank you for having read my story..and responded to it..

I reported him, they picked him up at the place I'd met him at. They couldn't chardge him:o Not enough eveidence. shaking head STILL.

You did the right thing, thank you... The system failed the children...again!!

You were treated like a piece of meat. But you aren't mad at the man.

No, I just feel sad for the other little girls he had done that too as well...

i wish if i could meet that person. surly that day will be end of his life.

I understand whats you feel, but i dont agree with revange..

i also don't like that my friend but what if still you are sick of that day??
this is not just revenge to kill him or any such thing but he should be behind bars for the rest of his life, so that he would could understand what he has done to a 8 year old girl.

you are now who is saying him to forgive but as a 8yr old girl it's right to punish him.

Yes he belongs behind bars so he doesn't hurt other kids..

evil on this planet

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these things really shouldn't happen. i'm really sorry for you. i understand you need to get it out, and you need to be assured it was not your fault, it was never your fault (or sandra's).
wish you all the best, you are in my thoughts.

Thank you so much.

I shocked this happened to you, but I am even more shocked that the policeman ignored you.
If he had listened this evil man could have been put away.

Yes put away.. It might be strange for me to say that, but I feel more hurt that he certainly abused other little girls for years...than what he did to me...
Sometimes my kids do something I don't want them to, and then I tell them off..they say:"But you said I could!" Which means I hadn't listen to them when they asked me and I just said yes to get rid of them for 5 minutes.. Maybe that's what that policeman did...just thought I was talking about anything.. I still think it was a set up from my friends parents.. I know their names, tried to find them thorough FB, but no success.. I don't wish them harm..but I just want to understand... Sorry for writing so much.. Just got a bit (!) carried away.. ;)

Its okay Viv I don't mind you talking about must be such s burden to must come out at times.
I work with young children and I am very sensitive to the subject.

you were so young. are you sure it was a setup? who would do something like that? you know, children can be quite cruel, and at that age, perhaps she was afraid for herself, but sent you anyway

Have they helped you to let go of the past?

Will you see a therapist ?

I have been seen them for 25 years and still going...


Thank you for having read it... :)

My friend was a victim from others.. I don't think she realised what she was doing... Thank you for understanding me...

I don't know who I am more mad with, the guy in the car, the policeman, your friend or the parents involved. It seems like everyone in your life let you down.

Take Care.

It takes a brave, strong person to put this out for all to see.
Moving life experience that never leaves.
I hope in posting your pain you can take some comfort in the possibility that some parent who reads this may reinforce the lesson of 'don't take rides with strangers' and in so doing, may save a child from the harsh realities you faced when you were young and innocent.

That's very right, I never thought of it that way.. Thank you for making me realise that.. :)

very brave lady for opening up her heart and soul no child should ever be abused

That makes a lot to me.. Thank you Ned...xx

How can this mean thing happen? It is unbelievable that you have had to go through such a sad experience. It must be having a deep effect and scars will not heal at all. I wish I could give you a cuddle. In the best sense I mean.

Thanks for sharing a painful story.

Thank you for reading it.. :)

That is a horrible thing that happened to you. The main thing to remember is that u were a child that was vulnerable and he abused that. It could never in any way been ur fault. I don't know what makes some men find a child attractive maybe it's the innocence there attracted to. I have thought on this topic for many years and do not truly think that people like that could be rehabilitated and that they are a massive danger to all vulnerable children.