Does Abused From Your Childhood Still Effect You?

HI. I wanted to ask if there anyone out there have abuse from their childhood that still effecting them?
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i don't know.. i wasn't abused.. but i was bullied... and from time to time.. i remember how awful it felt... and it comes back when i go through a similar situation or see one.. of course now i adapted and can defend myself.. but unfortunately sometimes i'm not even aware it is happening to me... i would assume the same thing applies to other kinds of abuse.. i think if a girl was abused sexually for example.. it will have a certain effect on her sexual life.. doesn't necessarily ruin it.. but it will affect it... but one should not surrender.. we s hould seek help.. and talk to someone if needed.. it makes us stronger, and at the same time more sensetive to others.. but we should process it and not just ignore it.. especially as adults.. therapy is everywhere.. we should seek help..

Sorry hun to hear the events happen with your life. I glad you can defend your self and I do the same thing too.

I find therapy is not having much with anything for my life it not much abused from my childhood is effecting me anymore, it more abandonment and people taking advantage of me including family. Though I cut all those people out that did harm in my life but I'm trying to find out how I can recover as I don't have any social person in my life to hang out with

i used to think the same thing... we can make it without a special person!

yes we can!

ok thanks

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Thanks for everyone commenting in this post. It might not be easy for you to write here but you took a good brave step to write.

I sure there some of you want to write on here but don't want your user name to be known. Well you can post anonymously and no one will know your real user name including my self.

I am new to this community and am working on sharing my story. It's effects me everyday. I am 25yrs. old now married with two beautiful childern. It has taken me 6yrs to tell my husband everything but when I did it was releving to finally let it out. I am also seeking therapy. It's good to know I am not alone.

Thanks for sharing your story. I glad you finally was able to tell your husband. I hope the therapy helps you.

It effects you every day, every decision you make is because of what you went through as a child. How you see the world. what you think and how you react. It is a part of who and what you are. The real question I think is am I better to others than my abusers were to me. Did I grow up to be better because of it or did I grow to be an abuser myself. If you can honestly awnser yes I am better then they did not break you. I just turned 58 yrs. old and I still go through bouts of severe depression sometimes for weeks but I have learned I will not always feel this way and it will pass the sun will shine again. So hang in and always feel free to ask for help from those who care about and love you.

thanks for your reply. I didn't have that very bad abuse compare to other people have it worse but of couse abuse is abuse. My past events is not effecting me as much anymore but since joining this site, i figure I wanted to ask the question to see if there other still effected.

Its always a part of you that cannot be forgot. Even today as a legal adult I still react to loud sounds and unannounced contact. I find I can't keep relationships...its something I live with.

Sometimes my self I can't sleep. I glad I can cut of those people have abused me but even though i cut them out, the pain keeps coming back from time to time.

I don't sleep much. Well unfortunately for me I can't cut out my parents. I have reasons not to. I like to think not of the pain but of the strength the pain gave me when I 'overcame' it so to speak.

Abuse will never leave you it shapes the person you are.

I find you gave the best response so far

Yes, but I don't know if 14 can still be considered childhood. 14 is a bit older, maybe that's also why I still struggle with it nearly every day.
Also: having the wounds torn open a couple of times in later years doesn't really help either.

anything happen under the age of 18 would be child abuse. It not far everyone that wrote hear, and the others didn't wrote hear yet, or never get a chance to write hear had to grew up with a life like that.

3 years ago, my father abused me for not having $200. I didn't anything from him, and I never borrowed any money from him. He just wanted $200 and i almost thought if he would lay a hand on me I would send his *** to jail.

My father admit to me he have hurt people in family before, but I think he would have had regreat if he would have beaten me that day.

Warm hug to everyone that abuse from your childhood is still effecting you.

Extra support for those going threw it right now. I hope you can find someone in your gov't to help so there can be and end to the current abused your going threw right now.


It does, I have nightmares about it still

that really sucks. Hopefully one day we can put this type of stuff behind us.

Yes. It ***** with your brain.

Thanks for your reply. I don't feel that I am alone now

You shouldn't. There are a lot of people here you can connect with! Stay strong and good luck! :)

You too. Stay strong