I Could Have Stopped It If I Hadn'T Lied

My mother beat me my entire childhood. My father passed away when I was two. My brother moved out when I was six. This left me alone with my mother. She would beat me for no reason. Beating me just cause she could. I went to school tattooed in bruises.....but always lied, saying I had fallen. I let it continue because I was afraid. There was only one spoken rule at my house "Our business is our business". I know it was probably meant to keep me from telling....and it did til I was almost 16. I told a friend who in turn called social services.
I live in a small town and it didn't take long for word to get out. It reached the woman I now call " Mommie". I've known her and her family for years and dreamed of telling her. JESUS brought us together. Now I have what I've always wanted....a home, a family, and a Mommie that truly loves me.
jesussaves2013 jesussaves2013
22-25, F
Feb 4, 2013