We Are More Than Our Pain And We Are More Than Our Trauma.

I think for people like myself who have gone through abuse, we will never truly get over it. that is not to say that we cannot move on and be successful. there just will always be a sensitive place in our hearts and minds that remembers what we have endured. The important part of this is any and all victims of these heinous acts need to know that being down trodden and living with constant fear is not all we have to expect out of life. We can be successful and well adjusted. it will take time and effort and it will hurt, but don't give up. If you are no longer in the situation do not give your abuser the power to control you and your mind. Do not believe the lies you were told. You are worth more than that. You have value. You have a purpose. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE. YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE. the only mistake would be to allow your abuser, the person who did not deserve to have your trust or love to begin with, continue to keep you imprisoned for the rest of your life. If you do that you are letting them win. And they do not deserve to win. It is not easy, and it is a decision that You have to make every day. you have to surround yourself with people who will love and support and encourage you. you will have to wake up every day and decide that today i will not walk around as a helpless victim, but today I will be victorious over my pain. I know you can do it. I do it....I cannot say I have done it as if it is something once accomplished and then defeated. Instead it is something you need to defeat daily. And you can. And you will be happier, maybe happy for the first time of your life. But believe me it is worth it. And you deserve to be happy.
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Thank you so much. We are more than our pain. We are so much more. Only other victims understand what we have been through. I'm so glad I found this site.

It's powerfull and truly brilliant but what if someone give you some support and helping you, giving you attention not make you a prison give you some freedom but then coming a day when taking that back twice and abusing you mostly emotionaly?? What to do in that kind of relationship??

Just brilliant!

Thank you.