The Welfare Wouldn'T Split You Up So... Part 1

Hello everyone I am roberts1107, and I got a story to tell you,I swear it is all the truth even as fantastic as it may sound. My earlist recollection of my parents are when we lived in the projects in Phoneix Az. I was 4 years old at the time, I know this because this would be the last year I and my younger brother Jack would ever see our mother. I remember the ambulance coming in the middle of the night and taking her to the hospital,I woke up and came out of my room to see what was going on. My dad kept telling me that it was ok that these men are taking mom to the hospital to help her. A few days later dad took us to the hospital to see mom. We weren't allowed on the patient floor so we had to crawl up on the window ledge outside of her room and say our good bye's. Mom passed away in surgery she had Cancer. Dad and us moved around a lot over the next three years and dad starting drinking a lot I can't say if he became an alcholic after moms death or if he was an alcholic already and I was just to young to tell. I know he would get angry a lot and scream at people we were trying to rent from "What the hell am I supposed to do tie a chain around them and drown them in the GD lake!"Then he would go get a bottle of his favorite at the time from the nearest liquor store and would proceed to get drunk. this went on till I was seven and then we were living in Jordan Ark in an old cabin in the middle of a pasture the roof was caved in on the back of the house and so we just closed the back of the house off and didn't go in there. dad told us every to watch out for snakes and scorpins that would craw up into the house. I remember dad was driving us somewhere and he was drinking and going off on one of his rants Jack and I was riding in the back of the old truck we had and dad shouting at us to get our a**** in the cab right then so we climed through the passinger side window as soon as we were in dad tuned and said we better strighten the H*** up or he would just wreck us and kill us all and then he said BY G** if we didn't beleive him just watch this and he ran us off the road into the ditch the truck rolled over on its side and caught fire. And that was the last time We ever seen our dad again. The hiway patrol took dad away and we stayed with the neighbors for a few days till we went to court. I still remember the judge saying that it would be in the best intrest of the boys to take them away and place them in foster care till such time as suitable parents could be found to adopt us.Well I didn't know what that ment but I knew it was bad. Dad went to jail and my brother and I went to Agusta Ks. to live with the norris's we were there about a year and mrs.Norris hated both of us because we uncooth hillbillies with no manners at all but as she was married to the pastor of the pentacostal church and he was doing foster care for political reasons for his church she didn't have a lot of say in the matter, so she just took it out on my brother and I. As we had no table manners she figured we didn't need to eat so we were often sent to bed with out dinner. A if her little angles broke something or got into trouble for lying then Jack and I were in trouble because we taught her kids to lie so we got the belt for it I remember once Tracy her youngest son lost a librairy book and of course he blamed me for it so old lady Norris had her daughter tayna whip me every 30 min. till the book was found, this went on all day long. We were finialy moved to the Taylors in Pittsburg Ks and stayed with them till I was ten years old. Life there was much better for us they were more like we were they like to hunt and fish Bob was a trap shooter so we traveled around a lot. Jack and I thought we found a home at last but we came home from school one day and was told that we were going to be adopted by the Robinsons. That was when the gates of H*** opened and the torture really started.
roberts1107 roberts1107
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Feb 9, 2013