I'M Not Ashamed To Say I Am

I was sexually molested at the age of 11 by my Mother's boyfriend and my Father once tried. I think that's why I've was always protective of my daughters when they were little. I think it is absolutely disgusting that an adult can sexually abuse a child and I feel if there caught they should have there Dicks cut off, but that's my opinion. Needless to say I do come across the man the molested me every once in a while and he makes my stomach turn. As for my Father I tried having a father daughter relationship with him, but every time he would try and hug me or give me a kiss on the cheek I would cringe so I cut ties with him and no longer speak to him. As for my Mother I rarely speak to her because when I did tell her she told me not to tell anyone so it's hard for me to forgive her for that, because as far as I'm concerned she didn't care she only cared about herself and the money he would give her. 
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Your a good woman......Do what you got to do...Time helps get things better

I am so proud of you, for your strength and determination to break the cycle of abuse for the sake of your daughters. I strongly believe that such sickos ought to be sterilised at the very least. I uploaded my own story yesterday, and I must say it has helped me to confront my horrible truth and hopefully it will help you too. God bless. x

Thank you. I will read your's

Absolutely brutal. I admire you for your strength.

Thank you. Like I say I can't dwell on my past even though it is always in the back of my mind, but I've learned to deal with it