Vday 1billion Rising - Dance To End Violence Against Woman

Yesterday I participated in an amazing event. It was a worldwide movement that happened in many countries and cities thought out the world. Man and woman Danced to bring awareness and demand the end of violence against women and girls. This year was the first and a success. I felt the energy of the place it was unbelievable! Thousands of survivors, dancers and supporters all together listening to the different speakers and dancing together for the same cause. I encourage everyone to join the movement and participate next year. Let's rise for all that have been abused. Let's rise to end the violence against women!


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What about vile and vicious women who are the abusers and victimizers and tormentors? People need to know that women are not always the victim. Oftentimes, they are the victimizers. They might have been victims but they often then become the victimizers, tormentors, abusers, harassers, torturers, etc. Also, those wicked "women" are not women but merely, immature and overgrown little girls who are highly emotionally unstable and should be shunned by any decent society, even sterilized before they bring innocent and helpless children into this world to abuse them or single one of them for abuse!!!

yes very true...woman can be abusers too.

Thanks for agreeing. I am sick and tired of hearing about women as victims of abuse but the truth is, a lot of women are some of the world's nastiest and vilest abuser sever! It is because they are more manipulative and illogical than men. I am glad I am not an average female and that I have a high IQ. I would hate to be a dumb ******* abusive *****!!!

I've had enough of the pity party. It's time for the truth to come out. Women are some of the vilest and most vicious abusers out there!

Just because women have been abused does not justify them becoming abusers. I am sick and tired of the victim-becoming-victimizer thing. It is not acceptable. It is abominable.

And most females are not fit to be mothers nor should they be allowed to have children/bring children into the world.

Sure, men might rape or hit women but the emotional and psychological abuse that "women" inflict upon others, especially other females or children, is much worse.

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Oh that was great S. Thanks for sharing.

No problem. Glad you enjoyed :)