Abused As a Kid But Overcame

as a child i was abused by my mother

finally at 17 i moved out

life was horrible as a kid and teen

but i cnt complain becuz im alive

and i wnt dwell on it

i over cmae and moved on

MeemsMimi MeemsMimi
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5 Responses Aug 22, 2009

I was just thinking out loud <br />
anyway coming thru abuse is great becuz of god i got over it becuz of him and my son thats the only reasons why

I'm glad you are moving past your abuse. I say moving versus moved because there are so many was that abuse affects us and we often don't see it until after the fact. Be careful about choosing romantic interests and take it slow so you have time to make sure the person is a good fit. We have a tendency to pick people that will hurt us so we have to be careful. I learned this the hard way and I am planning my escape from a toxic marriage. Believe me I will be much more careful and take it much slower next time.<br />
<br />
Good luck to you.

I am really happy that you have moved on...good luck with your life ahead.

I was abused, alot. Im 17, and I still live here. Ive been trying to get out. Next year, ill probably finally be out. Its hard, a life of abuse has made me soft and timid; not hard and rough. Im scared of alot of things, but I have people to help me through that now. Its good to hear some people can escape it.

sorry to hear that...<br />
but good to hear u have moved on...