I have just found this group so I will gather my thoughts and tell you about my experience in a few days time. I don't know if anyone ever looks at ths  group but I'll unload all the details soon and hopefully feel abit better for it.


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Please read my story

I still feel lonely but the writing helps a lot

Nov, 2007, and this is the OPs only post—oh, its kind of depressing... I wonder how he is doing...

^It is better to get your story out of your head than keeping it locked up for 37 years in your head like me.

People do read these stories. So when you are ready please share. It can be kinda therapeutic. And I think by sharing your stories...perhaps you are also helping others with similar experiences. Most people here on EP are understanding and supportive.

many of us share the same damage and feeling and this is one place to talk

This group is amazing, its full of survivors, brave wonderful people who have suffered at the hands of those who were responsible for protecting them and are trying to come to terms with the horror of abuse, Its been an enormous help to me, I've cried, laughed and made some lovely friends who don't judge or look down their noses. Write your story and be surprised how many others know exactly what you are going through, and how many people are willing to help and advise you, I'll be one of them.

me too .

I just majorly vented about everything. It helped, try it out... what's there to lose?

Salam Alaykom<br />
hello everybody<br />
Actually i'm lucky to find a social network like this, where i can support my english skills.this is a first day to share you.<br />
i would be happy to read what you write about your experince and felings.

hello there, this group, "formed" because i had it as one of my experiences and there was no group for it so thet asked if i wanted to have one made. I still need to put my story up and will do so sometime today if i get home in time. Thanks for your note and i'm sorry you need to be here