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This Is Not Something That I Would Ever Share With Peole In Public, But, Years Ago, I Was Beaten By My Military Father While Living Up North, Till I Was Black And Blue. He Made Me Do Pushups, And If I Stopped, I Was Coninuously Beaten. I Went To School The Next Day, And Showed The School Nurse, And I Was Put I to "Immediate Foster Care"
Miseree Miseree
36-40, M
3 Responses Jan 13, 2010

im so sorry ...some people should not have any children my mother included

Just as long as you learned from it and not carry on the sins of the Father. Then you come out with a valuable lesson. My Dad did this to me constantly. i lived trough it, I'm not like him. He died of cancer at 47 .

problem is foster care is not always the answer too many times it is just as bad as what we had a home