I Am A Survivor Of Child Molestation

I have not read any stories yet on anyones survival. I intend to in a few minutes after I share mine. I often wondered if anyone else was hurt like I was during my childhood. I was molested by my very own step father and my mother knew about it. I think I am over it I am not sure. Sometimes I think of it but most of the time I dont. My mother passed away when i was either 18 or 17 one of them. I didnt cry thats for sure. I love her though im not sure where my feelings are with that...i had no life at the age of 8 to 17 or 18 sometimes i blame who i am now on the way i was raised i dont know...my step father got away with it....that  makes me mad but at times i forgive him.....my story will go on...this has gotten me way too emotional right now to complete almost like a shame or dirty feeling loser those kinds of feelings i dont need right now.......kimmy

lilianne42 lilianne42
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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

Knowing I can share with this group makes the unreal and unimaginable stuff done to me more real and imaginable especially when others are trying to put their experiences into perspective also. I don't have to like what I see. I think it's not a matter of liking or disliking, its a matter of seeing or not seeing. I hope you suprise yourself on what you can share with yourself, and then with us. Throwing up is never a pleasing experience, but you usally feel better after you do. Go figgure! Keep on feeling!