Yearning For Love, Affection, & Serious Play Time. Mahahaha

 It's true! There is a little girl inside me (no more than 10 yrs old), who just wants to play. She loves make believe, making cloud shapes in the sky, watching the stars, dreaming of snowmen & angels. She loves coloring & watching disney movies....

 She has even, on occasion, gotten away from me in public.... I know, I know........The horror of it! ;-] Let me just say, the next time you see an adult in your local Wal*Mart, or any department store, in the toy department.... Running around like they're mad, playing with all the "tickle-me Elmo" dolls....Don't be so quick to think they're trying to find a present for a child...... Chances are pretty good, they're the child, & are having a ball.


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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

you have no idea of the hours i spent with my wife young just sitting on the floor playing with paper dolls<br />
<br />
or baby dolls and building them homes out of lincon logs<br />
<br />
every payday we went to selferial different toys stores to see what theyhad in new paper dolls they we would check out the jewely stores to look at charms and necklaces and ear rings<br />
<br />
thay was the biggest thing in her life and we both share the other being the biggest think in bot ofo ur lifes

Haha, feels like myself talking