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I recently started doing daycare and have been having some issues with a little one biting. I confided in my sister in law who also does daycare on any advide she may have on this issue. Well today when my little ones mom picked her up she pulled me aside and told me she had heard through a co-worker that my sister in law was telling her about how I called and was saying how naughty her child was(never said like that). but anyways I was so upset and embarresed. I felt as another provider she would know not to say anything to anyone but maybe I was in the wrong for even saying something to her.
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I give the bitten kid some ice, and make sure it's not bleeding. I take the kid who bit and ask them if their teeth are hurting and if they need to bite something it's better to bite toys(it is!) and then I take them and give them a wet paper towel to chew on. It really helps. We've had a couple biters and it's really stopped the biting and helped them figure out why they are doing what they are doing. Ice, wet towels and water works wonders.

Welcome to the world of betrayal! I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I have also had twice an episode of a child biting...both different children at different times. But I have been able to put the child's behaviour on the parents. When this incident happens, I take a photo of the bite marking on the child, apply an ice pack immediately on the child's bitten area, I have a child-friendly discussion with the child who bite and place him/her in timeout for the duration of their age (ie; 2 yr old = 2 min. time out) and then I reinforce "why" he/she was in time out and I clearly state biting is not allowed. During the time out I immediately file a written "accident" report and photocopy 2 for each parent...the biter's and the victim's. The original goes in my file for future documentation if need be. During nap time later in the day I will print up the photo I took previously. The parents at pick up time are explained of the event, showed the photo and I have each one sign the incident report as proof of acknowledgement. Then I proceed to inform the parent who's child bit that after 3 episodes I will need to request termination of child's care in my daycare. This way the parent's are responsible for their child's behaviour, not me.
Hope this helps.