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I am a home child care provider and have been for several years.  I have always loved kids and started baby-sitting as a young teenager which I did alot throughout the teen years. 

I got married when I was 20, worked in retail for a while and then worked for a chiropractor as an assistant until I had my first child and did return part-time for awhile after he was born.  I then moved out of town and decided to stay home full-time and raise my son.  When my son was 1, a neighbour approached me about caring for her daughter and from there on I continued to do childcare and still am now that my boys are teenagers.

I do enjoy caring for young children especially and watching them grow and learn.  Mind you some days can be exhausting, especially when some children show up before 6:30 a.m. and the last children sometimes don't leave until after 5 p.m.

The only part of this job I don't like is when I have parents trying to tell me how to do things and when I have to remind parents of payments and policies. 

I look forward to connecting with other child care providers and sharing stories and getting support which is needed at times .



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I like the article.I also love the children.I think I open a child care center.I will try for this.

I have a policy that I get paid 52 weeks out of the yr..I take every government holiday ..which is now given to us by the state..I thing it is 12 days ..New Years.. Martin Luther King day, Feb. 21 Presidents day April 25 Easter Mon May 30 Memorial Day , July 4th and if it is on the weekend you take Fri or the Mon..Sept 5 Labor day Nov. 11 Vets. Day Nov 24 and 25 Dec 26 Dec 31 now this is only days the state gives us but we can take other day..just give your parents a good advance most people have a paid week off too..we get paid for exceptions ..just make sure as you interview have this in writing and give it with your paper work..up front..

I have the same problem. We just had snow in Ga and they shut things down a couple of days but by Wed everything was semi ok i was open and the parents that didnt come feel they shouldnt have to pay but i was open and it was your choice not to bring their kids not mine

The number one job complaint I hear from teachers is parents. My grandfather worked up at the elementary school for several years after retiring, and he loved the kids, and hated dealing with the parents, so you are by no means alone! It's great that the kids have someone watching them during the day that seems to care so much for children.