Since I was a teen, I've been experiencing unimaginable dreams.  For one, the one about something holding me down, and not able to get up.  Hearing voices, and feeling my soul coming out of my body.

I am now married and I still experiencing this type of dreams.

The other dream is if I'm walking in an area, my body automatically starts raizing up to the ceiling. A pulse pulls me right up and I can't control it.  Then I feel someones grabs my ankles and move me from one side to the other.  I hear a very strong scary voice laughing and saying words like "you're mine"?  I just start screaming at the top of my lungs.  In my dream my husband has this crazy psychotic laugh and I just ask God to take me out of this dream and in a matter of seconds I wake up.  My heart beating a  mile a minute and sweating my butt off.


Nizzy Nizzy
31-35, F
Jan 14, 2007