Communicating With Hecate

My Hecate is a Goddess of Magick, of Mysteries. She is Queen of the Night. She is the all knowing, omnipitant creature of Wonderful Grace. She is the Ever Againg Mother of all Witches, a God's Goddess.

She has been associated with childbirth, nurturing the young, gates and walls, doorways, crossroads, magic, lunar lore, torches and dogs.

While her lore and history tells part of her story, there are some things about her that we won't know unless we get up-close and personal with her. If you are interested in getting to know her, by all means do your research. Learn about her cults, her origin, her followers. These things will help get you closer and understand her better.

When you feel it's time, evoke her into your circle. Let your energies mingle and focus soley on her as she begins to manifest before you. Ask her not of the secrets and mysteries she can well teach you. Ask only of her spirit. Learn what she likes, and how her ideas flow. I have learned that she enjoys images of terriors and warm, honey covered pancakes as offerings. She enjoys the sound of small bells, she conforts her children when they are sad, and loves when we sing to her.

Setting up a temple to Hecate isn't as hard as one would think. She doesn't care about elaborate statuary, expensive tools, or the best gems and candles. Simple things to use are these:

Dandelions (flowers or roots), colors red, black and orange, the number 3, cinnomon, mugwort, lemon verbana, any dark stones, and salt water. Candles of any color, shape, and size delight her. She likes dogs, owls, snakes and bats. Any representation of these are good weather it's printed on the computer or drawn by you (she appreciates your personal work!). She also loves raisins.
FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
36-40, F
Sep 24, 2012