Making My Way Through the Mysteries of Life

Just when I think I have something kinda figured out, I get dumped on my head and see that I really know nothing at all.  And it seems that in knowing nothing, this is the only way to see everything.

To let go of all that we know and find familiar... 

To float effortlessly through time and space...

To release and let go...

To open up one's self to any and all possibilities...

To feel an infinite sense of connection to all that is, while at the same time feeling an emptiness - one that is weightless and free...

These are the thoughts and sensations that are coming to me at this moment.  I am a child of the universe, learning to exist in each moment.. learning how to be free.

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Great thoughts, Dee :)<br />
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Thanks for your comment, Windsday! Those were my thoughts in that moment, and in this moment I'd say, the more I learn, the less I really 'know' for sure, and in knowing this, the more wise I become. Because in letting go of what we think we know, we are open to all the possibilities! And possibilities are in the neighborhood of freedom :)<br />
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Thank you also, Joywish.. I miss you! Hope you are well. (((Hugs)))

I gotta say, I didn't read it that way at all! After reviewing some of the comments, I had to go back over it to make sure I didn't miss something.<br />
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"...this is the only way to see everything."<br />
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Yes! Our experiences do define us and by definition biases our views and solutions. But aren't these experiences originating from the universe already? The Known and Familiar weren't so when we first experienced it. We accepted the Unknown and Strange because we initially had no parameters to stop it. However, Unknown and Strange don't become Known and Familiar until a "new" Unknown and Strange come along and give rise to questions that need figuring.<br />
So when do we stop accepting what the universe shows us? At what point do we announce "I've seen enough! I have all the answers I need now, Universe, so long and thanks for all the fish!" ;)<br />
As I understand your story, it is in the "let(ting) go of all that we know and find familiar..." where we find our answers. Not for embracing (forgive the term) ignorance, but as a method for solving it. I think it's the wisest answer to any problem.<br />
I hope you don't think I'm arguing because I see it differently. I find it brilliant!

I can't help but look back and see my life as chapters in a book.. in a way, the unfolding of events across time has a certain beauty and rhythm.. a kind of artwork in of itself. I marvel at the evolutionary forces at work, at how I have been molded and shaped by experience, and how I've had a front row seat for this marvelous play called 'my life'. It is exciting, isn't it? To ponder the possibilities of events yet to unfold. I must keep myself from getting so distracted that I miss what is unfolding before me.

Yes, when we can get to the point of meeting whatever is offered, life gets truly exciting, an adventure in the making! This is when our creative potential starts to get realized, and the infinite possibilities of life start to come into reach. We become true creators, ultimate artists with a palate of colours to paint with on a blank canvass of our own choosing. We can paint to life what is in our dreams and imagination. We need only have vision to do this.

"...Sometimes I think I'm only just beginning this process..."<br />
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Yes. It seems to me that this is always the case...we begin anew in each instant. If this is what we sense then we are perhaps receptive enough to meet whatever UNIVERSE offers to us. Thanks for this lovely sharing!

Yes, breaking free from our conditioning is very difficult. We seem to have to go back over and over again to relearn or redo. Sometimes I think I'm only just beginning this process.<br />
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<i>“I am unique and perfect as I am a creation of the Universe a spark of the Divine”</i><br />
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A good quote to hang on the refrigerator, lol.. we seem to need lots of reminders ;)

And Wanya.. (I didn't forget you, I just hit enter before I was done, then when I edited my comment to finish it, the new comments wouldn't save!)..<br />
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Wanya: <i>"This moment is what’s most important, my next decision or thought!"</i> Often I need to remind myself of this, when I worry about the future or think about the past too much.<br />
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Thank you all for your wise comments :)

Thank you all, my friends! All great comments :) Here are my favorites:<BR><BR>nuevo:<I> "Empowering and exciting, calming and comforting, greatly humbling."</I> Yes! I feel all of these.. I often feel quite humbled.<BR><BR>sleepless: <I>"I think we dont need to understand completely that, just we need to live this beauty, feel it inside of us and around of us."</I> We just need to live this beauty.. so beautifully stated!<BR><BR>juan: <i>"It is so liberating to know that one will never have all the answers!"</i> I so agree!! I couldn't imagine living a life devoid of mystery.

It is so liberating to know that one will never have all the answers!

I can understand your feelings Dee. Gets create something new every single second in the universe and something changes to another form every single second. There is non-stop vibration around us and even us. I think we dont need to understand completely that, just we need to live this beauty, feel it inside of us and around of us. Just enjoying this spirituel journey :)<br />
Im glad you came back to EP again, i have missed to read your story my friend. Hugs*<br />
Peace, love and light... Namaste