Young, Blond Boy Raped-3 (me)

The following is yet another incidence where I was molested (raped is the more correct, precise word). This may be the last story describing a time when
I was sexually's becoming too much for me on a couple of levels; emotional, memory, etc. The three (or is it more?) stories that I've presented
here on Experience Project are not a complete record of all the times that I was abused, say, between the ages of 4-11 years of age. At any rate, the following
event ( least now in the present legal and social enviroment) took place, once again, on the resort island of Martha's Vineyard on the east coast. I was 10 years old, and, as I've said before in my other stories (see "Young, Blond Boy Raped" 1 and 2), I was a slender, blond, and very "girlish" or effeminate "pretty boy". People would sometimes ask my mother if I was a girl or boy when I was young ( ! ).
An older girl and 3 of her friends and I got back from taking a swim one very hot, sunny day. All 4 of us went upstairs in the large, summer estate that my
friend's family owned. They were, are, a part of a very prominent American political family,..I'm not mentioning names, etc. At any rate, all of us, me and the older girls went into one of the many bedrooms to change into our clothes...together, in the same room. For some reason I didn't think that this was a strange
or "inappropriate" situation...maybe because I kind of saw myself as "one of the girls"...God only knows.  After I had taken off my bathing suit (in front of this group of older girls...who were looking at me I later realized) and was just about to put on my under-
pants, all 4 of them began to "wrestle" with me, calling me names and playing "rough-house" I guess you'd call it. Suddenly, 3 of the girls pinned
me against the wall. I was unable to get away and started to get scared and it hurt a lot the way they were holding my body against the wall. Then, to
my horror and terror (or whatever you'd call it), one of the girls started to pull my penis back and forth, and then put it in her mouth and sucked and bit it.
I really yelled a lot..this really hurt and it shocked me. All four of them took turns. They pulled, sucked, and bit me. When they stopped, I was crying. My
penis was red and even bleeding a little. I had to go to the hospital...which was almost as painful and humiliating as the rape was.
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I'm sorry for your horrible experiences.

Well this isn't true. Cool story bro.

I have been finding out that a LOT of "upper crust" families send their kids to fancy boarding schools at even young ages. It is becoming more & moe apparent that MANY of those places have had a LOT of sexual abuse on the children there (boys & girls) both adult staff AND other youths. In fact, in many cases, the older youths rape the younger, making them serve as sexual surrogates...and apparently pass the behavior on in turn. In many cases, the main aggressors make other kids help them & also recruit lookouts, hold the kids down that they do it to, etc. The other kids are scared to NOT help for fear of becoming the next victim/s, and there is a climate of secrecy about it all. Those kids are sent away from parents at an early age & taught to be tough, like they must become as they grow up in order to succeed in business & politics. They therefore place a high value on not "ratting out" the other students. -- It becomes such a motto of conduct that some take being raped without telling anyone, then later in life, they can't. It would be sabatoge to them in busines or politics to be known as a "wimp that got raped" in boarding school, and if they told, others in positions of power (by then) might retaliate.