My Older Sister Made Me Show Her My Body When I Was 10yo

When I was 10 years old my parents left for a week to stay in hospital with my grandfather who was very ill nearly dying living real far away from us.

During that week my older sister, then 14 years old treat me real bad, she would insist she was in charge of the house and had to make sure I did everything right, she would insist in coming with me to the bath to watch me naked showering and then wrap me with a big fluffy towel and dry me while smiling and telling me how beautiful I was and how silly I had been to complaint telling her that being us nearly the same age she really should not be there supervising my showering, as I was already 10yo.

For the whole week my sister would try and get to look at me naked, I had no pubis hair yet because of my young age, and she never touched me, other than drying me with the towel, even the penis, she made me feel real uncomfortable, she would also come to help me out with the pyjamas and then take all my clothes off and have me naked for a while with some excuse as she observed my naked preteen body from head to toes, I could notice my blushing when this happened but did not know what say so I just let her do as I was only 10yo.

I felt real bad thinking about this when I was older, even if it only lasted a week, but I have forgiven her as she really never touched me it was more some kind of stupid game that teenage girls do sometimes. I thank good fortune that it has not taken over my life there was a time when I though it could do.
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3 Responses Jan 29, 2008

You should of asked to see her

Have you talked to sister about this? She was probably going through puberty and experimenting...she probably did not mean to hurt you?

i wasnt sexually abused but was my step mom and her friends use to get me naked as a teen alot they did it really to laugh at my size but they touch me alot to i still feel weird about it but we will makit someday just know it wasnt your fault dont blame your self