My First Memory

My first memory? My neighbor taking a razor blade to my vagina. I was four years old, my neighbor was babysitting me and that's when it all began. From four to eleven years old I was brutally raped by a monster. Cut with razor blades, fed dog food, tied down and beat to a bloody pulp. At eleven my father caught him beating me with a metal pole and not remembering what happened next the monster had disappeared from my life. Knowing he still lingers in his cave, hovering on top of the bluff over my parents house feeling his eyes watching me like a hawk whenever I go to visit is a sick twisted feeling. My parents can never know the sexual trauma I went through. Would they even believe me? I am a survivor and damn proud of it.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

I dunno if they would.<br />
This guy did serious physical damage to you, and they did not freaking notice.<br />
But you're an adult. You can press charges on your own if you want.<br />
I dunno that you'd win, and it would be hard and painful.<br />
But I doubt you're the only one he's managed to hurt.<br />
<br />
I'm sorry you went through that.