It Was So Long Ago But I Remember Is As It Was Yeaster Day.

When i was in 1st and 2nt grade i was moleasted numeris times by a family frined. Well to be honest all her was to up was my moms pot somkeing buddy. Im 18 now and i can remember everthing vividely to this day. I was asked about it numerious times by my moter and other family members. I never told them tho. Me and my brother was both moleasted by that guy. My brother was the one who always told me not to say anything. He had to sit infornt of a grand jury because of this guy, just for a diffrent reason. I never asked him why he told me to lie, but i ficure he didnt want to go thought anything else with court rooms and i can understand that now. Im ok with it for the most part now, it still gets to me every now and then tho.
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Dear takeawildguess, I am so sorry you had to go through that. No one deserves to be abused by anyone. Have you ever considered telling your mother? Or perhaps another family member who would listen? Telling doesn't mean you have to go to the police if you don't want to but for closure purposes it may help your mental health. Keeping any kind of secretes in can cause high levels of stress and this is not good for your brain or your body.

Being scared and wanting to lie is normal for victims to do in many cases with sexual abuse. The victim feels ashamed, embarresed and has so many mixed feelings. You need to tell your brother that its not okay what happened and that what did happen was very wrong. Many individuals tend to tell their story years after it happened bc of what it done to the victim pshycologically. You deserve justice and let it be known to courts. This awful human should be ashamed of what he did and probably never will til you and your brother let it be known aloud what he did

When I remembered who my abuser was, it was too late to file charges. I still wanted to do something to hold him accountable. I filed a police report anyway. The police took me seriously and took an official report. They said they investigated. I felt that at least the authorities would know, in case anyone else came forward, and so they could keep an eye on him.

no matter how long ago it wuz u have 2 tell, dnt go through life with tht buried nside u

There is no rule saying u must go to the police everyone heals differently. I do suggest however if it doesn't get easier that maybe you should to get some closure

I am pressing charges on my father I found out that he has done it to other family members in the past I had flash backs of me and my brother being abused by my father I thought it was my brother that just raped me but I had flash backs of my father telling my brother to do it... sometimes it takes one person to tell the police and the rest will come forward

So very sorry for all of your pain. You do need to tell <br />
someone sweety! Do you have someone to talk to?<br />
It would still help you. Much love and best wishes sent your way.

i was was in the same situation as you when i was in first grade. i remeber some of it. and some times i dont understand still to this day why he would do that to me and i t was done by a family friend and will and im 17. i never had to go to trial for it. me and my mom also think that he had done something to his daughter when she was younget because we found out that he was never able to see her in till she was 18. i it still gets to me. the first personi told was my cuzin. it was hard for me i talk to a psycolgist but it was worth it. i still think about it every now and then i you ever need to talk im here.

To properly heal you and your brother MUST tell the police and put that animal where he belongs , away from other children. Please think that all the while he is still molesting children , they never stop.<br />
You need to tell. You need to help other children that will feel the same way that you do because it will continue to happen until you get him put away.<br />
I know

Trying to talk about that in a court room full of strangers is hard. Everyone is watching you and it puts a bit of pressure on you. I was molested by my step-father's friend when I was 7 and it continued till I was 9. Fortunately, my dad found out and ended up getting custody of us so we never had to deal with that again. Every time I see or hear of children getting molested or raped, it brings me down because of the memories I still have of my experience. I hope that in time you and your brother heal from this because it is a hard thing to deal with. Even when it seems like it is all gone, it is still em<x>bedded in the back of your mind. I have found that when the memories get too vivid or weighing on my chest, I look for someone to talk to about it. Sometimes it does help.