Creepy Blue Eyes

it all started back when i was about 5 or 6, my mother (alcohol abuser) married " Eww" (molester)....i stayed with my grandparents, then it was a long move to our new dwelling. Different province, different way of life. i was excited and scared about the move, knowing was good for awhile. My mom and stepfather would get into the alcohol, get drunk, mom ending up passing out....the he would sneak into my room...touch me where no child should be touched. I would pretend i was sleeping and roll over and hide myself more under the covers to protect my areas. And it seemed to help............for awhile.
Then again, we move.....smaller town fewer place far enough to feel safe...this is where it gets more frequent....more touching me more touching him...and once rubbed his penis against my lips while i was sleping, trying to get in my mouth. I was 8.....not til i was in my teens did i understand what he was trying to do...i knew it was wrong...tried telling my mom....she didnt believe me. He was her alcohol supplier.
Another memory, on our way to bail my mother out of the drunk tank, he decided to pull over at one of my relatives camps (no-one there at the time) asked me if we should go into the cabins or just stay in the car?? I am only 6 i know....but i was scared of that question..didnt understand it but it felt bad. I ended up running away at 13, telling my story...what would of happened if i had stayed? to this day i cannot look into ice blue reminds me of his....
cilly12 cilly12
Sep 23, 2012