Young And Trustworthy

When I was about 4 years old and younger I was a daddy's girl, I loved him and I trusted him with everything. Until one day he told me that dads and daughters have their own little secret and I'm not allowed to tell anyone otherwise be will leave and never come see me. Mum and dad were very loving while I was young, especially my father. He would touch me in my underwear and tell me it's our secret and everyone does it. Mum uses to leave and go away on weekends and dad used to get a baby sitter and he would go to the pub and get drunk and come home and because mum wasn't home he would jump into my bed, and touch me inappropriate, I used to beg mum not to go away or if I could go with her because I didn't like being away from her. But she said I was being silly but I wasn't.
When I was around 6-8 mum and dad used to get physical with each other well dad would bash mum and she would get taken to hospital and then he would jump into my bed, saying he sorry to me and crying and then touching me again, I didn't have a childhood he took it away, I watched my mother get bashed and raped and I tried to protect my mother, she never protected me never.
I told her when I was 17 what he done to me and she bashed me, I don't understand why she never believe me, and she says she does now but I just know she doesn't because she is still with him, they're still married. I never told the police and my mum just tells me to get over it, I can't just get over it, I have a lot of triggers that trigger all the memories that he has done to me, I am a very angry person because of him and now I have a child of my own and my partner knows what happened. And now I know I am safe.. There's so much more to say and tell.
Missy799 Missy799
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012