Why Are There Such Sick F***s Out There?

I was molested by several different men, I am now 36 yrs.old and when I look at childern about the ages of my abuse: I just couldn't see what a grown adult could see sexually in them. These sick ******* take our innocense and scar us for the rest of our lives. I have struggled all my life to break free of these chains that had defined who I was for so long. Through therapy I have gotten a little better . I still struggle with the idea that I was to blame somehow for the horrific  things that were done to me. I know in my head that it wasn't; Yet, I beat myself up! Why couldn't I STOP them?  I have a awesome husband who helps me and shows such patience. 
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I have felt guilty myself, as if I had somehow seduced my abusers. But now what I do is look at children that are the ages I was then, and I ask, how is that tiny child supposed to fight off a full grown adult? How could a child, so small and innocent be to blame. Would I think one of the children I see at the park was to blame for thier abuse? Of course not. I wouldn't blame a child, so I can't blame myself!

one of my professors told us instead of asking why couldnt i stop them? and ask why didnt those men stop themselves? it was they who made those dissicions you had no say in the matter.

Hey tigeress yeah there are some sick ******'s out there!!<br />
My older daughter who i don't see lives with her ped father and h8's me cse he's manipulated and lied to her about me!! i am a s b survivor too, i think that's were alot of our anxiety, and depression come's from as well as abuse from abusive relationship's!!<br />
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