In The Beginning

In the beginning there was a newly divorced woman who enjoyed the tranquil peace of her single life. Husband no. 1 was a real treat - Mr. Serial Cheater! Five years, seven mistresses and buckets full of tears later, I chose to end the drama. Like cutting of an abscessed arm, because you know if you don’t, it will kill you! And the pain of that first divorce was (almost) unbearable! Let me tell you. No fun at all! Yet I made it and was proud of myself to have survived it, while Mr. Serial Cheater moved in with mistress number seven.

Fast forward on one year later and I am relaxing in my living room, chatting with friends on a social network, waiting for the (no excuse) Romantic-Comedy-of-the-month to start on my TV, when a new friend request popped up on my cellphone screen. Had I but suffered a moment of blindness! Had I ignored that friend request and lived happily single ever after! But NOOOO…. my ever-familiar curiosity got the better of me and I unashamedly fell in love with this cyber man. The absurdity of it all! Me? The level-headed, no-nonsens, happy-to-be-single, ME? Falling in love over cyber-space? Never ever ever!!

Ha! One year later the church-bells are ringing, family gathered from far and wide while I walk down the isle to meet husband no. 2. The one with the girl and boy from his previous marriages. He got full custody of his little girl and so in one day I became the wife number 3 and the STEP-MOM!
Cruelgabi Cruelgabi
36-40, F
Jan 23, 2013