My New Life

I am a new step mom, and I love it, I actually met my hubby over the phone then 4 months later met him and his 2 girls and we been together since. being an instant mom is great, since I am in my 30's and have no kids of my own.The girls accepted me instantlly and loved me right off.  The one that I thought that would hold back is the one that  calls me mom and holds nothing back and the other one is waiting to call me mom so It dont hurt her BM's feelings. Although she is stilll at home so I get all the I love yous and hugs and kissess.  Bottom line is I love these girls with all my heart and I'm so glad that they are a part of my life

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

only 4 months? Yeah things were just peachy for me in the first year of our relationship. lol just give it another year or two. Girls are hard, man. Stepdaughters are the WORST!

Your lucky because most of us with patners who has kids isn't so smooth. You just fit right in they accepted. You and you wanted children. I'm not so lucky I really don't want children of my own or to be anyone's mother. But I do care for my mans kids and I'm there like an aunt figure. I don't really have that bond with them or love them. I have the love I feel for everyone I know. An already family isn't something I will try again. I wish you the best

newwife0709... don't be envous, the only thing I did was love them and let them know I was their for them.. and I still let them know that...

You are so lucky. I envy you. I will keep at it, and maybe someday.....