Chocolate Therapy

Coffee and chocolate makes a great breakfast alternative to orange juice and yogurt any health food expert will tell you that.   Chocolates and brandy is great after a meal - your doctor would approve.  Hot chocolate is a great bed time drink for lovers.  But the best time to eat chocolate is when you are HUNGRY! - Raid a posh box of Lindt assortment or whatever you can get hold of and don't read the labels.  Read a good book and wash down with a cup of tea with a little milk. Best done on your own - no inhibitions, no interruptions to your bliss! 

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and best need to share the blisss

Hi my name is Libra Kitty and I am a chocoholic<br />
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<br />
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and dam proud of it

Beats dog food! woof!

I am a chocoholic myself but I see that I should learn more from you!