Chocolate Or Men?

Hmm... Men or Chocolate.. Chocolate or Men. (Dark chocolate are my favorite by the way. )

This is a tough one. After some time debating with myself (10 seconds tops), I have come to a conclusion. Drum Roll Please.........


Although Both will go straight to your thighs, I would pick chocolate.  From experience, Chocolate doesn't break hearts. It's been found that dark chocolate, like red wine, is actually good for your heart. Need i say more?

21butterfly 21butterfly
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6 Responses Aug 13, 2008

I defintely say, chocolate!<br />
<br />
But, for my girl, with me, she can count on both!

I actually like milk chocolate with red wine and a woman of any colour! Off story..........?

im not single, and so far chocolate keeps winning..

ah.. but when you're single.. <br />
chocolate would win my heart over and over again..<br />

i think my wife would pick chocolate over me too.... :-(

So is a good man. Good men don't break hearts foolishly, but build up the woman of their heart to make her strong and uphold her before the world as his love and light to the world. A good man puts the woman before himself. A good man is a leader in helping to fulfill the needs of his family in all areas of life. There are just hard to find unless you look in the rite place which to few woman do. They say they want a good man and then they go for the looks and or money only department and wonder what went wrong. Or they get caught up in a man that is witty, fast, and good at laying on the good remarks. A good man is a good average of all those and not just great in one of those areas. Where as chocolate is intent on falsly giving you calm feelings of joy then socking it to you in your thighs, but and tummy like a prized heavy weight champion boxer. Sorry, as a good man that puts others before myself I thought I would defend our breed lol.