Scharffen Berger

i used to hate chocolate. i know right, the only girl in the world that hates chocolate (there's three of us btw, well now 2).
anyway one day i go on the cheesy chocolate tour for my friends bday at the factory and omg. my life changed. this was the best chocolate i've ever had in my life. i realized something, i didn't like chocolate cuz all the chocolate i had before was poor quality. i know what to look for now. and now i'm a friggin chocoholic. for S-B that is.

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3 Responses Aug 5, 2007

It is made in California though I understand they imported the equipment for making the chocolate from Europe. Wonderful, wonderful chocolate!

S-B is American. It's made in a small factory in Berkeley California. European chocolate is good too

High quality chocolate is an entirely different substance from the stuff that most people eat. Especially the high grade European gourmet chocolate.